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Company Overview

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Modulelink Incorporated is one of the largest OEM alternative optical solutions companies around the world, providing both open network and programmed solutions in standard and highly customized configurations to global network operators. Established in 2005, Modulelink is an outstanding brand enterprise in the field of global optical communications, as well as a technology leader and design innovator in the global data center field. We have been serving 1000+ oversea customers and supplying high-performance open networking solutions for them in domestic and international mission-critical telecommunications, health care, data center, education, and state, local, and federal government networks etc. The Company produces a wide variety of application-specific active and passive optics and deploys them in various forms, including integrated with advanced software to support our customers.


Global Optical Networking 
Solutions Innovator


Founded in 2005


12 Software Copyrights


More Than 1000 Customers 
in Total