Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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Modulelink makes and supplys the right optical network solutions to meet the specific requirements of the switch, server, or router in which they will be installed. Its strong and professional technical teams then test the optic in the system with the most commonly used applications and operating systems. Since its products performance varies slightly between contract manufacturers, its quality standards call for in-system qualification of every new solution. Modulelink has enjoyed very good reputation for its good quality testing system and procedure to its customers and obtained more and more shares in the whole American and European market of telecommunication in the past a few years.

Modulelink has professional quality system to its customers and is proved to be a good and trustable manufacturer for:

Good Quality Control


We qualify all the components for manufacture and strictly test all optics at all stages of the process.

Low Failure Rate


The failure rate on our optics deployed in the field is less than 0.05%. This low rate is due to partnerships with our qualified components manufacturers, as well as in-house programming and testing before shipment-out. In other words, our whole checking and testing process catches most failures or defects long before they would reach our customers. Based on our good quality control, we are qualified to be the gold supplier for quite some famous international companies about telecommunication products.

Standardized Programming and Testing Process


We strictly program and test our products for guaranteed goods condition and performance compatibility, and back this process with a 5 years old lifetime guarantee.



Our experienced technical engineering team has contributed to the development of both first-to-market products (as the industry's first third party transceivers, optical cables etc.), as well as customized solutions to help clients build the highest-performing networks in the world.