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Warranty Information
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Warranty Information

Time of issue:2021-08-03 17:35:49

Warranty Information

After-Sales Emergency Plans, Always Here For You!

Thank you for your support. If you meet any unexpected situations after receipt of products, please don't worry. The various emergency plans are here to solve your problem.


Warranty Duration

5-year-warranty starts from the shipment of product. Please check the shipping date on specific product purchased from Modulelink Corporation.


Warranty Acceptance Scope

Products purchased from Moduelink Corporation and its official authorized distributors around the world.


What You Do

Please e-mail to to apply for the warranty if the products are bought from Modulelink Corporation.

Please fill the form in the official site of Modulelink Corporation and provide the valid buying certificate, order number, and product number.

*The application for after-sales service requires a Warranty Sheet within the validated warranty period. Please ensure that the information provided in the Warranty Sheet is complete and accurate. Please retain a copy of the Warranty Sheet during the validated warranty period. The Sheet will not be reissued in case of loss. Please provide the following information: name, contact number, address, zip code;

*Modulelink Corporation promises to protect your personal information and to never disclose to any external companies and/or individuals.

*Modulelink Corporation Customer Service reserves the right to request further information including but not limited to: pictures of the outer box from customers for investigation purpose and the pictures of defective parts with explanation etc..

After receiving your application, we will review within 3 working days. After qualified, we will reply with receiving address and repairing time.



Modulelink Corporation will provide quality after-sales services for customers within the validated warranty period. For products older than 5 year, Customer Service may not be able to provide services due to the limited availability of replacement parts after the production run has ceased. Vintage Product services will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Modulelink Corporation reserves the right to suspend the offering of services within warranty period for any products released over 5 year. In the case of any dispute, Modulelink Corporation reserves the right of final judgment and to refuse service.

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