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What We Have

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Full Optical Network Solutions

Specialized in the area of optical network for over 15 years, Modulelink has abundant optical network product lines for a variety of optical interconnection and transmission applications. The products include optical transceivers, AOC/DAC cables, MUX/DEMUX devices, other passive optical components, etc. Modulelink has three product sections dedicated to providing its customers with the overall and intensive product design and service. Modulelink has been serving 1000+ overseas customers all over the world and has enjoyed very good reputation in the industry.


Professional Technologies and Platforms

VCSEL, PSM4/PSM8 (Parallel Single-Mode 4/8-lane), and 4WDM/CWDM4

Gen1 of 40G/100G and moving to Gen2 of 400G

Photonics Chip on Board (PCoB)-based optics-and-electronics-integrated platform

Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)-based optics-and-electronics-integrated platform

Lensless coupling between laser and waveguide that is applicable to any type of lasers like VCSEL, DML and EML

Single mode and multi-channel optical engine

The 4-channel long-wavelength VCSEL with a lensless architecture

Tx & Rx co-packaged in Gen1, MUX/DEMUX co-packaged in Gen 2

Moving to LGA-like solution

Scalability from long-wavelength VCSELs to Silicon Photonics in the same package

Transitioning from pluggable form-factor application to on-board application


High-tech Management Systems

Specializedly exploreded our own production Executive System (MES), electronic panel production system, automatic adjusting and testing system and order & inventory visualization system and high-end optical device packaging platform.