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Modulelink starts mass production of the optical transceivers of QSFP28 100G 40km and 80km.


Modulelink starts the mass production of its 100G QSFP28 40km and 80km optical transceivers in 1st March, 2022 , supplying the customers with a cost-effective, small form-factor optical transceiver solution that can be applied to the long distance transition and optical networks. With the high development of 5G network and the global data traffic rapidly increases, which requires network bandwidth upgrade correspondingly. In order to meet the requirements of 100G optical transceivers from long distance transition and optical networks, Modulelink has successively launched its 100G QSFP28 40km and 80km optical transceivers, which comply with QSFP+ MSA specifications, and all have achieved mass production. As the host side does not require to enable the forward error correction (FEC) function, this solution can reduce network latency and overall power consumption of the network equipment. Moreover, compared with the traditional CFP/CFP2 package, this product adopts the form-factor of QSFP28, which has the characteristics of smaller package size, lower power consumption and simple module production process. Modulelink 100G QSFP28 40km transceiver supports both 100GE and OTU4 dual-rate applications, and its performance can apply to the requirements of IEEE802.3ba and ITU-T G.959.1 standards with a 40km transmission distance. At the time of the mass production of its 100G QSFP28 40km optical transceivers, Modulelink has the ability to produce and supply all series of QSFP28 100G SR4/CWDM4/LR4/ER4 lite/ER4/ZR4 optical transceivers to its customers and help the global network operators to accelerate their network bandwidth upgrade as they need.

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Modulelink Launches 400G and 200G Transceivers


On 5th Dec., 2020, Modulelink, the pioneer of data center parallel optics and datacom transmission solutions, announced the launch-out of the industry-leading 400G and 200G transceivers for the optica...

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Modulelink showed out 5G Optical Interconnect Solutions in Beijing, China.


Modulelink announced to show out 5G series optical transceivers and passive optical components on 14-16th Oct., 2020 in the 29th China International Information and Communication Exhibition (PT20) in Beijing National Convention Center. The booth number is E1-1350...

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We have been serving 1000+ customers around the world for 15 years.


To be the provider of 1000+ customers around the world for over 15 years, Modulelink Corporation is a global optical network services provider specializing in providing innovative and optimized...

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