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High Isolation CWDM Mux Demux Bare Device 1270~1610nm Wavelength

Modulelink CWDM mux/demux is using optical multiplexers to reuse different wavelengths of light into a single fiber to transmit signals. At the receiving end of the link, the mixed signal is decomposed into signals in the fiber by means of an optical demultiplexer. Different wavelengths are connected to the corresponding receiving equipment.

DWDM Mux Demux Rackmount

Modulelink DWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer is designed and manufactured for multi-wavelength DWDM network applications. It works on an ITU grid with 100 GHz channel spacing based on thin-film filter (TFF) technology. The wavelength range of DWDM is from 1270nm to 1610nm with an optional ITU channel wavelength. It has a series of advantages, such as multi-kind of packaging structures, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, and so on.

100GHz Thermal Array Waveguide Grating (AWG) ABS box

Moduelink 100GHz AWG device is to multiplex 40 optical signals with different wavelengths onto one optical fiber (multiplexing), or separate 40 optical signals multiplexed in one optical fiber by wavelength (demultiplexing). It generates mature flat-top type thermal array waveguide grating technology and adopts a sealed technology package to ensure high environmental stability.

LC Female To SC Male Singlemode Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter

Modulelink Fiber optic adapters are mainly designed to connect two fiber optic patch cables together. They come in various types, most adapters are female on both ends to connect two patch cables, while some adapters are male to female which allow the port to accept a different connector than for which it was originally designed. Moduleink assemble various of hybrid adapters which accept different types of connectors.